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muslimsUniya farewell:

text Uniya: a meeting place
Mark Raper SJ, 25/5/07

text Reflections on my association with Uniya
Frank Brennan SJ, 25/5/07

text From the outside looking in and from the inside looking out
Patty Fawkner, 25/5/07


text Good Neighbour, Bad Neighbour
Uniya Seminar Series 2006

text Honesty Matters: The Ethics of Daily Life
Full papers, reports and audio of the Jesuit Lenten Seminar Series 2005

text A Fair Go in an Age of Terror: Countering the Terrorist Threat to Human Rights and the Australian Identity
Jesuit Seminar Series 2004

text Launch of Frank Brennan's Tampering with Asylum
Text of the talks, including Frank Brennan's National Press Club 2003 address, and information on ordering the book.

text Muslims and Christians ... Where Do We All Stand?
Jesuit Seminar Series 2003. Speakers: Dan Madigan SJ, Frank Brennan SJ and Prof Abdullah Saeed. Follow link for articles and interviews

Former staff

mary bryantMary Bryant (2007)

 Are we for real?
Mary Bryant, 27/9/06

 Reconciliation: a spray-on solution or an age old practice that works?
Catholic Weekly, 13/8/06 and OnlineCatholics, 16/8/06

 Forgiveness and reconciliation
uniya.org, 21/6/06

mark byrneMark Byrne PhD (2007)

 There goes the neighbourhood!
Meeting Place, Winter May 2007

 Chasing shadows: Indonesian war criminals and Australian law
Meeting Place, Winter May 2007

 Now you CMATS, now you don’t
New Matilda, 5/3/07

 The Curly Question
Uniya Occasional Paper no.11, December 2006

 The trouble with happiness
New Matilda, 29/9/06

 Climate change - it's the apocalypse, stupid!
Eureka Street Extra, 13/9/06

 What's the difference?
Meeting Place, Uniya newsletter 1(1), Winter 2006

 The traumatic birth of a nation
A version of this article was published on OnlineOpinion, 8/6/06

 Peace and justice in East Timor
Letter to The Age, 26/5/2006

 Australian wound
A version of this article was published in Eureka Street, 16(4), May 2006

text Reconciliation: Stalled, fermenting, or taken out the back and shot?
Op-ed appeared on New Matilda, 30/11/05

text Reconciliation since 2000: stalled, fermenting, or taken out the back and shot?
uniya.org, 27/10/05

text Roads to reconciliation
A version of this paper appeared as Uniya/JRS Occasional Paper, no.9, 2005

text It's not over till the pipeline purrs: The 'resource curse' and other challenges for Timor-Leste
uniya.org, 24/6/05

text Black and white movies: The cinema of conflict and reconciliation
uniya.org, 9/6/05

text Two nations, one conference – A personal reflection
uniya.org, 3/6/05

text Shared dreamings waiting to be filmed
Published in The Australian, 31/5/05

minh nguyenMinh Nguyen (2006)

 Report card on Australia’s relations with the region 2007
Uniya View on Asia/Pacific, February 2007

 Regional relations report card
Meeting Place, 1(3), Summer 2006

 Onus now on those who supported Thai coup
Eureka Street, 3/10/06

 What coup?
Meeting Place, 1(2), Winter 2006

 Talk of failed states unhelpful
The Jakarta Post, 23/6/06

 Mutual obligation and Catholic values
Online Catholics, issue 98, 5/5/2006

 Franchising mutual obligation
New Matilda, issue 83, 5/5/2006

 Mutual trust: an alternative to mutual obligation in overseas aid
Uniya/JRS Occasional paper no.10, April 2006

 Mutual trust: an alternative to mutual obligation in overseas aid (full paper)
Uniya/JSS joint-research, March 2006

 A narrative on globalisation
Published as "A Vietnamese in Australia" in Promotio Iustitiae, no.88, 2005

 Between a mined-out rock and a hard place: View on Nauru
(with Helen Fraser) View on the Pacific briefing series, July 2005

 The question of 'failed states'
Uniya-JRS Occasional Paper, no.8, 2005

 The question of 'failed states': Australia and the notion of state failure
Uniya View on Asia briefing series, April 2005

 Burma deserves more attention
Justice Trends, no.115, December 2004

 Renewed interest or self-interest in the Pacific?
JRS/Uniya Links, 5(4), Summer 2004

 View on Myanmar/Burma
Uniya View on Asia briefing series, September 2004

 View on Indonesia: the political and human rights situation
Uniya View on Asia briefing series, July 2004

 World Social Forum flies flag of hope
Justice Trends, no.112, March 2004

 Civil society’s responses in the lead up to the war on Iraq: the need for ethics in assessing the question of war and peace
uniya.org, February 2004

 'Just cause' or just callous? Australia's justification for war in Iraq
uniya.org, January 2004

 US foreign policy: Where to from here?
Eureka Street, Jan-Feb 2004

patty fawkner  Patty Fawkner SGS (2005)

text From the outside looking in and from the inside looking out
Patty Fawkner, Uniya farewell function, 25/5/07

text OnlineCatholic's Verbatim: interview with Patty Fawkner
OnlineCatholics, issue 75, 26/10/2005

text Jesus, Light for the World: Living the Gospel Today - Response
Social Justice Sunday 2005 Launch, North Sydney, 14/9/05

text Paul Collins on Benedict XVI
Patty Fawkner, Online Catholics, issue 57, 22/6/05

text What's in a name?
Patty Fawkner comments on Pope Benedict XVI, Online Catholics, issue 49, 27/4/05

text 12/04 - Preface to A Fair Go in an Age of Terror
David Lovell Publishing, Melbourne, 2004

text 31/8/04 - Letter to the Editor of The Australian regarding Peter Shadbolt's article Catholic Church 'driving youth out', 31/8/04

text The launch of Innocent Victims – Children’s drawings from the Woomera Detention Centre
Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, 13/8/04

text A Cup of Tea, a Mandarin and Welcome to our World
International Colloquium on Managing Muslim-Christian Relations, University of Melbourne, 11-13/2/04

text Women can change the world
WATAC Lunch, Parliament House, 5/4/04

frank brennanFrank Brennan SJ AO (2004)

text Reflections on my association with Uniya
Frank Brennan SJ, Uniya farewell function, 25/5/07

text Catholics and US Politics
Frank Brennan, Christoph lecture, Washington, 28/2/05

text A Non-Indigenous Australian Perspective on Land Rights, Land Wrongs and Self-Determination
Frank Brennan, Amnesty lecture, Oxford, 11/2/05

text A Retrospective on 15 Years at Uniya Working for Social Justice
Frank Brennan SJ, JRS-Uniya, Occassional Paper, no.7, 2004

text Just Care: Political Reality and Change
Frank Brennan SJ, Catholic Health Australia Conference, 6/9/2004

text Closing the Timor Gap Fairly and in a Timely Manner
Frank Brennan, Op-Ed, 3/9/2004

linksee also: Richard Woolcott AC, Launching The Timor Sea’s Oil and Gas; What’s Fair? Uniya, 3/9/2004

text Book review: Klaus Neumann, Refuge Australia: Australia's Humanitarian Record, UNSW Press, 0 86840 711 9, 127pp
September 2004

text ABC TV Compass, "Frank Brennan: People's Priest", Transcript Extract, 15 August 2004
link External link to Full transcript on ABC TV Compass

text What Do Our Students Rightly Ask of Us, the Church who are Many Parts, One Body?
Sandhurst Diocese Catholic Secondary Education Conference, Notre Dame College, Shepparton, 13 August 2004

text Ethical Reflection on Landmines
JRS Preparation for the 2004 Nairobi Summit on a Mine-Free World

text The Traumas of Atonement and Opposition in the Law
Traumas of Law, Law & Literature Association of Australia Conference, Queensland University of Technology, 11/7/2004

text A Catholic Social Conscience: Can it be Reclaimed in our Time?
Frank Brennan SJ, ACMICA seminar, ACU North Sydney, 10/6/2004

text Let the Children Walk in these Shoes
Sydney Town Hall rally, 10/6/2004

text "The cause is the heartís beat and the children born and the risen bread", The John Roffey Lecture, Mylor, 1/6/2004

text A Fair Go in an Age of Terror
Inaugural Eddie Mabo Lecture, Townsville, 25/5/2004

text The Church's Voice and State Powers for Justice and Peace: Seeking Decency, Harmony and Equality for All
2004 Ozanam Lecture St Francis Church Melbourne 20/5/2004

text A Fair Go in an Age of Terror: Living Hope!
Drill Hall, Colleges of Theology and Law University of Notre Dame, Fremantle 14/5/2004

text Education for Liberation: Five Practical Tools for Catholic Educators Addressing the Major Social Justice Issues and Building a Just Society
Social Justice Conference, The Christian Brothers St Francis Xavier Province, Brisbane, 18/4/2004

text The Signs of the Times: Refugees? War on Terror? War on Iraq? - Not in My Name
Social Justice Conference, The Christian Brothers St Francis Xavier Province, Brisbane, 18/4/2004

text A Fair Go in an Age of Terror: Countering the Terrorist Threat to Human Rights and the Australian Identity
Jesuit Seminar Series 2004, North Sydney, 16/3/04

text Honesty and the Issues
The Sydney Institute, Sydney, 11/2/04

text How Can We Stop Tampering With Asylum?
Opening Address, Rural Australians for Refugees 2nd National Conference, Charles Sturt University, Albury, 7/2/04

text Responses to Frank Devine's critique of Tampering with Asylum
The Australian, 8/1/2004

text Seeing the Globalised World from Both Sides of the River
Jesuit Procurators Congregation, 9/2003

text Colin McDonald Launching Tampering with Asylum
Colin McDonald, Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, 17/12/2003

text Darwin Launch of Tampering with Asylum
In response to Colin McDonald QC and the Honourable Bob Collins, Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, 17/12/2003

linkaudio Frank Brennan on ABC Brisbane
Peter Gooch interviews Frank Brennan, ABC Brisbane, 1/12/2003

text Brisbane Launch of Tampering with Asylum
In response to Mr Jim Soorley and Ms Sallyanne Atkinson AO, City Hall, Brisbane, 25/11/2003

text Looking for Truth in Detention
Letter to Editor, The Weekend Australian, 22-3/11/2003

text Melboune Launch of Tampering with Asylum
In company with Prof Robert Manne, Readers Feast, Melbourne, 19/11/2003

text The Limits of Judicial Review in Migration Decisions – an International Perspective
Frank Brennan's address at the Migration Institute of Australia Victoria State Conference, Melbourne, 12/11/2003

text Time to Stop Tampering with Asylum, Address at the National Press Club
Frank Brennan's address at the launch of Tampering with Asylum, NPC, Canberra, 5/11/03.

text Frank Brennan on Nexus, In Person
Transcript of Nexus in Person, ABC Asia Pacific, Friday 10/10/2003

link Margaret Throsby's Guest: Frank Brennan, ABC Classic FM
ABC Classic FM, Margaret Thorsby's Guests, Friday 31/10/03
Follow link for information on ordering tapes.

text Gardens of Eden
Transcript from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas in July, featured on ABC Radio National, The Spirit of Things with Rachael Kohn, Sunday 14/09/2003

text Same-sex marriages and the Vatican
Frank Brennan comments on the Vatican's recent document on same-sex marriages, The Religion Report, ABC Radio National, 06/08/2003
 X-ref: Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons

pdf Church as a Tolerant and Inclusive Employer, Teacher and Community
Frank Brennan SJ AO, address to the Celebrating Inclusive Practices In Catholic Schools Conference, Gold Coast July 7-9, 2003 (PDF)

pdf Tales from the Bench
Frank Brennan's review of Philip Ayres (2003) Owen Dixon, Miegunyah ISBN 0 522 85045 6, RRP $65 (PDF)

pdf Walking His Way
Keynote address, Diocesan Gathering, Townsville Catholic Education Office 27/6/03 (PDF)

pdf Religion: Barrier or Bridge to Building Understanding

pdf Seeking International Truth Rather Than Domestic Repose After the Iraq War
2003 Jessie Street Trust Annual Luncheon Address, NSW Parliament House, 30/5/03 (PDF)

pdf Rethinking the Republic
An edited version of this paper appears in Constitutional Politics, John Warhurst and Malcolm Mackerras (ed.), UQP 2002 (PDF)

pdf The Law and Politics of Human Rights in an Isolated Country Without a Bill of Rights
The 2003 Sir Ronald Wilson Lecture, Perth (PDF), 12/5/2003

pdf Graduation address at UWS
29/4/03 (PDF)

pdf Response to Prof. Catherine Dauvergne's "Challenges to Sovereignty: Migration Laws for the 21st Century"

pdf The Challenges of our Collective Trauma, Political Action and Institutional Religion

pdf Rules in Good Conscience
The Pope's doctrinal note can bridge the troubled waters of the Church-State divide suggests Frank Brennan, published in The Australian, 17/1/03
X-ref: Doctrinal note on the participation of Catholics in political life

text Variations: Making a difference

text Tampering with asylum

text Mandatory Detention

text Tampering with asylum (SAIS)

text Developing Just Refugee Policies in Australia

text Seeking a Christian Response

text Australia's Refugee Policy:
2002 Jesuit Lenten Series

text HREOC National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention

text "When we know what we are, and can go on, I wish for you what you wish for me: Risking Embrace: Living the Theology of Reconciliation," ANZATS Conference, Adelaide

text "Justice for Indigenous People", Australasian Christian Legal Convention, Bond University

text Uniting Church Address

text Religion and the Rule of Law

text Leading with Soul

mark raperMark Raper SJ AM (2002)

text Uniya: a meeting place
Mark Raper SJ, Uniya farewell function, 25/5/07

text Serving the poor through the healing ministries
Annual Board and Executive Retreat, 10/3/2006

text Homily at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital centenary mass
St Mary's North Sydney, 12/2/2006

text The refugees our teachers
JRS anniversary address, St Ignatius College Riverview, Sydney, 15/10/2005

text The Church as agent of hope: What can religious faith contribute to life in contemporary Australia?
Lecture delivered to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Catholic Institute of Sydney, 19/5/2004, published in Compass, Vol 39 No 2, Winter 2005

text Tools against terrorism
Edited version of op-ed published on Jesuit News, 5/10/2005

text Seek justice: Come to the edge
Catholic Health Australia 2005 Conference, Perth, 29/8/2005

text 25 Years of learning from the refugees
Sal Terrae, May 2005

text Facing the stranger
Lord Mayorís Charitable Trust AGM, Melbourne, 23/9/2004

text Response on receiving the ACFID Award
Canberra, 17/9/2004

text Rebuilding Rwanda: ten years on
Australian Financial Review, 2/4/04

text To Build Peace and Bring Hope
2004 Lenten Lecture, ANU, North Sydney, 25/2/04

pdf The Pebble in our Shoe
Mark Raper SJ AM, Edited text of talk given at the Annual Dinner of Jesuit Social Services, 24/5/2003 (pdf)

pdf What is a Greater Work?
ACU Graduation occassional address by Mark Raper SJ AM, Provincial of the Australian and New Zealand Province of the Jesuits and former Uniya Director, 23/5/03. (pdf)

text Peace: Our hope, our right, our responsibility
Speech delivered to the Catalyst for Renewal Dinner, 4/4/03

text 13th October 2002
Refugees Near and Far

text 11th October 2002
Refugees - Lost People living in Hope

text 9th October 2002
Business and Refugees

text 7th October 2002
Refugees - Artisans of Peace

text 17th September 2002
The Global Refugee Crisis

text 5th October 2002
The Global Refugee Crisis and
Australia's Response

text 21st August 2002
Catholic Social Teaching and Strategies

text 16th April 2002
Reconciliation and Refugees

text March 2002
Ask any Mother

Guest contributions


Julie Morgan

text Speech at launch of Good Neighbours, Bad Neighbours
Uniya, Kings Cross, 1/12/06

Marie Bashir AC CVO

text Speech at launch of Fr Frank Brennan's Acting on Conscience
Uniya, Kings Cross, 23/11/06

David Hollenbach SJ

text The Global Common Good in a Divided World
ACU, North Sydney, 22/8/2005

Richard Woolcott AC

 Good Neighbour, Bad Neighbour
Uniya Seminar Series 2006, Melbourne, 2/8/06

text Richard Woolcott AC, Launching The Timor Sea’s Oil and Gas; What’s Fair?
Uniya, 3/9/2004

Lowitja O'Donoghue

text Adelaide Launch of Tampering with Asylum
Lowitja O'Donoghue's address at Imprints Bookshop, Adelaide, 20/11/2003

Neville Roach

 The Asylum Seekers One Year On - Not Gone, yet Forgotten!
Neville Roach has written a paper to mark the first anniversary of his resignation as Chairman of the Council for Multicultural Australia, and Chairman of the Business (migration) Advisory Panel. 2/1/03

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