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 The mutual obligation franchise

Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre and the Ignatius Centre at Jesuit Social Services have released two papers investigating the widening application of mutual obligation within Australian public policy.

This website also provides additional resources for readers to investigate the concept as it is applied to other policy areas.

 Media release: Research critical of mutual obligation 'franchise', 14/3/06

Download the main reports:

 Mutual trust: an alternative to mutual obligation in overseas aid
 Also available: abridged version of this paper

AusAID's current review of Australia's aid program and the government's announcement to double its development assistance level by 2010 are both potentially positive steps toward a fairer arrangement for developing countries. However, as the government considers the recommendations in AusAID's interim report in light of its new commitment, it should resist the temptation to import 'mutual obligation' to its development assistance program.
Author: Minh Nguyen (Uniya). Date: March 2006

 Training for work is more effective than working for the dole

This paper investigates Australia's 'mutual obligation' policies for the unemployed, and makes a comparison with the US, the UK and Denmark. The focus of this investigation is whether 'work first' strategies or labour market training programs are more effective at reducing long-term unemployment. The findings of this paper suggest that policies that encourage greater social investment in the long-term unemployed, within an activity requirement framework, are the most effective at reducing persistent unemployment.
Author: Tim Martyn (Jesuit Social Services). Date: March 2006

Download opinions:

 Mutual obligation and Catholic values

Author: Minh Nguyen (Uniya). Date: 5 April 2006

 Franchising 'mutual obligation'

Author: Minh Nguyen (Uniya). Date: 5 April 2006

 Mutual obligation: from obliging dole bludgers to bludgeoning the needy

Author: Tim Martyn (Jesuit Social Services). Date: 14 March 2006

Download briefing papers:

 CDEP: 'Mutual obligation' that works

Author: Valentin Di Sisto (Uniya). Date: March 2006
With its emphasis on correlative responsibilities or obligations in return for pay, the Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) is often said to encompass elements of the principle of 'mutual obligation', even though the scheme preceded the concept by two decades.



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