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 Good Neighbour, Bad Neighbour: Australia's relations with Indonesia (2006) $15 + P&H new!
Contributors to this book explore the complexities, possibilities and pitfalls of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. Topics include the nature of diplomacy, East Timor and Papua, regional terrorism, and the new Australia-Indonesia security treaty. Contributors are Frank Brennan, John Bruni, Duncan Campbell, Sidney Jones, Tony Kevin, Peter King, Damien Kingsbury, Adrian Vickers and Richard Woolcott with a foreword by Mary Bryant.
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Acting on Conscience: How Can We Responsibly Mix Law, Religion and Politics? (by Frank Brennan) RRP $34.95
In Acting on Conscience former Uniya Director Frank Brennan tackles these issues head on. He explores some of the legal, moral and ethical issues that capture the public imagination - and critically examine the figures in public life who pass judgement on them. The book was launched at Uniya in November 2006 by Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of NSW.
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Honesty Matters: the ethics of daily life (2005) $14.95 $10 + P&H
This book explores the fundamental qualities of truth and honesty and whether they have become disposable commodities in our poll-driven, spin-ridden society. Contributors are Morag Fraser, John Schumann, GJ O’Kelly, Julian Burnside, William Maley, John Eddy, John O’Neill, Michael Kelly, Robert Fitzgerald and Drasko Dizdar with a foreword by Patty Fawkner.
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A Fair Go in an Age of Terror (Patty Fawkner ed., 2004) $19.95 $10 + P&H
This book contains the papers given by the principal speakers in the 2003 Lenten Seminars, Muslims and Christians - Where do we all stand?, and A Fair Go in an Age of Terror in 2004. Contributions from some of the 2004 panel members are also included. John Menadue, OA will launch the book at Uniya's Christmas Party on 3 December.
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Frank Brennan, Tampering with Asylum, QUP, 2003 (by Frank Brennan) - out of stock (2006 edition available from UQP)
Tampering with Asylum: A Universal Humanitarian Problem, through historical and comparative studies, critiques Australia's refugee policy and offers a practical blueprint for countries wanting to humanely protect asylum seekers.
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Refugees, Morality and Public Policy $16.95 $8 + P&H
This book is a timely publication exploring better ways to protect Australian borders whilst also protecting asylum seekers. A compilation of papers from the Jesuit Lenten Seminars 2000 and 2002, it explores the place of moral argument in the face of popular government policy. It discusses the contribution citizens can make to better policy without being sidelined as do-gooders. Contributors include Lowitja O'Donoghue, John Menadue, Neville Roach, the Hon Jim Carlton, Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Frank Brennan SJ and Mark Raper SJ.
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Legislating Liberty
Frank Brennan SJ - out of stock
Frank Brennan draws on his experience of examining the US Bill of Rights as a Fulbright Visiting Fellow. The book explores a number of themes, including but not limited to, euthanasia, abortion, morality and the law; protection of individual rights; free speech and Aboriginal self-determination.

One Land, One Nation, Mabo - Towards 2001
Frank Brennan SJ $10 + P&H - limited stock
This book provides an explanation of the legal and social implications of the Mabo decision. It also explores the backroom negotiations, stalled promises and the groundbreaking litigation of the Mabo case.

Reconciling our Differences
Frank Brennan SJ $10 + P&H - limited stock
A collection of short papers representing perspectives considered fundamental to the successful realisation of Aboriginal Land Rights.

Sharing the Country
Frank Brennan SJ $10 + P&H - limited stock
This work explains the social justice and legal developments required to create an agreement between black and white Australia. The implications of the Mabo decision are examined in depth.

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Audio Visual Materials

The Australian Social Conscience series

A set of seven videos of the Jesuit Sesquicentenary program. The seminar series probes and encourages discussion by people of good will on Australian values in relation to personal well-being and social justice, religion, the State, science, technology, education and the arts.

Cost: $10 per video | $50 per set (GST inclusive) + P&H - limited stock

Video 1, Lecture One: Australian Values. Key Speakers: Sir William Dean, Sir Gerard Brennan AC, Ms Morag Fraser, Peter Steele SJ.

Video 2, Lecture Two: Personal Wellbeing. Dr Patricia Brennan, Professor Kevin Hart, Andrew Hamilton SJ.

Video 3, Lecture Three: Science and Technology. Dr Bernadette Tobin, Dr Peter McCullagh, Bill Uren SJ.

Video 4, Lecture Four: Religion and the State. Justice Sue Kenny, Mr Fred Chaney, Frank Brennan SJ.

Video 5, Lecture Five: Education. Deidre Rofe IBVM, Professor Kevin Lee, Greg O'Kelly SJ.

Video 6, Lecture Six: The Arts and Entertainment. Mr Bruce Dawe, Rosemary Crumlin RSM, Michael McGirr.

Video 7, Series Highlights.

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