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Uniya consistently publishes research work on social justice issues. These publications include books, discussion papers, occasional papers, research reports, and newsletters.

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 Justice and reconciliation in East Timor: Australia and the CAVR
Published in 2006 by Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre with the support of Australia-East Timor Association (AETA)


 Meeting Place Winter 2007
Uniya's quarterly newsletter, vol 2(1), Winter 2007

 Meeting Place Summer 2006
Uniya's quarterly newsletter, vol 1(3), Summer 2006

 Meeting Place, Spring 2006
Uniya's quarterly newsletter, vol 1(2), Spring 2006

 Meeting Place, Winter 2006
Uniya's quarterly newsletter, vol 1(1), Winter 2006

Occasional Papers

 Chasing shadows: Indonesian war criminals and Australian law
Mark Byrne and Kath Gibson, Uniya Occassional Paper no.13, May 2007

 There goes the neighbourhood!
Mark Byrne and Marta Iljadica, Uniya Occassional Paper no.12, May 2007

 The Curly Question
Mark Byrne. Uniya Occasional Paper no.11, December 2006

 Mutual trust: an alternative to mutual obligation in overseas aid
Minh Nguyen. Uniya/JRS Occasional Paper no.10, April 2006

text Roads to reconciliation
Mark Byrne. A version of this paper appeared as Uniya/JRS Occasional Paper, no.9, 2005

 The question of 'failed states'
Minh Nguyen. Uniya/JRS Occasional Paper, no.8, 2005

text A Retrospective on 15 Years at Uniya Working for Social Justice
Frank Brennan SJ. Uniya/JRS Occassional Paper, no.7, 2004

pdf 098: Australian Reconciliation Convention
Frank Brennan SJ. A summary of day one and the closing address of the 1997 Australian Reconciliation Convention

pdf 096: Do we need a Bill of Rights?
Frank Brennan SJ

pdf Introduction to Social Justice and Social Analysis
Peter Hosking SJ. A discussion of styles and modes of social commitment, action and understanding

pdf The Vocation of Carers
Peter Hosking SJ. A discussion of the role and experiences both positive and negative of those involved in care-based work.

pdf Discussion Paper D6 - Australian Politics: Catholic Perspectives
A collection of papers from academics, public sector employees and Catholic publishers on the relationship between the state and Catholicism in Australia.


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