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 Open Letter Regarding Indonesia-Timor Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship, 23/5/07

 Notice concerning the closure of Uniya, 2/3/07
For eighteen years Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre has provided effective research, advocacy and public education on matters of social concern to the Australian community, applying principles of Catholic Social Teaching to contemporary social questions.

 Centre releases report on Govt Asia Pacific relations, 6/2/07
As Parliament resumes today, Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre has released a “report card” on the Government’s performance in 2006 in its relations with the Asia-Pacific region, assessed for the first time by nearly a hundred regional non-governmental agencies.

Latest publications

A Fair Go in an Age of Terror

Good Neighbour, Bad Neighbour: Australia's relations with Indonesia (Uniya, 2006)

Contributors to this book explore the complexities, possibilities and pitfalls of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. Topics include the nature of diplomacy, East Timor and Papua, regional terrorism, and the new Australia-Indonesia security treaty. Contributors are Frank Brennan, John Bruni, Duncan Campbell, Sidney Jones, Tony Kevin, Peter King, Damien Kingsbury, Adrian Vickers and Richard Woolcott with a foreword by Mary Bryant. Available in December 2006.

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Still available:

A Fair Go in an Age of Terror

Honesty Matters: The ethics of daily life (Uniya, 2005)

Now in its second print run, Uniya’s new book brings together papers from 2005 Jesuit Lenten Series. The 2005 series brought together people prominent in public life to talk about the fundamental qualities of truth and honesty and whether they have become disposable commodities in our poll-driven, spin-ridden society. Contributors are Morag Fraser, John Schumann, GJ O’Kelly, Julian Burnside, William Maley, John Eddy, John O’Neill, Michael Kelly, Robert Fitzgerald and Drasko Dizdar with a foreword by Patty Fawkner.

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A Fair Go in an Age of Terror

A Fair Go in an Age of Terror (Patty Fawkner ed., David Lovell Publishing, 2004)

This book contains the papers given by the principal speakers in the 2003 Lenten Seminars, Muslims and Christians - Where do we all stand?, and A Fair Go in an Age of Terror in 2004. Contributions from some of the 2004 panel members are also included.

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