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Education for Justice

Uniya's education materials are not simply about facts and figures. Their aim is to change minds and hearts resulting in a deeper commitment to social justice. The 1971 document "Justice in the Word" from the Synod of Bishops reflected this perspective:

Education [for justice] demands a renewal of heart, a renewal based on the recognition of sin in its individual and social manifestations. It will also inculcate a truly and entirely human way of life in justice, love and simplicity. It will likewise awaken a critical sense, which will lead us to reflect on the society in which we live and on its values; it will make humans ready to renounce these values when they cease to promote justice for all people.

These educational resources can be used by individuals, parish groups, justice groups, schools etc.

They are organised into the following themes:

These themes reflect Uniya's areas of concern but we welcome suggestions for other themes and for your comments on how we can improve this section.


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