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The Jesuit Spirit In This Land


The Jesuit Spirit In This Land
Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann


The bottom left corner of the painting represents Jesuits drawn from regions far apart and widely differing customs, all of whom have come through the waters of baptism. Drawn together as the Society of Jesus, we are bonded by our sacrificial love of one another. We are united, given life and mission by our vision of Ignatius.
Together we look outward to the bottom right of the painting, anxious to educate in the Good News and its consequences to those drawn to hear it. To them we go out, taking with us our unity of purpose and diversity of background. We walk towards those drawn to the Good News and we stand firm in solidarity with those in special need because Christ has stood with us.

Though immersed in service of the local church (below the black horizontal line crossing the painting), we are always looking beyond our own situation to the horizons of a universal vision, central to which is the Cross.

Participating in the Paschal Mystery, we see Jesus in His dying and we experience the three days in the tomb (the three circles around the Cross), waiting for His glory to be revealed in the sunburst. With eyes fixed His Cross and His glory we share in the life of the Spirit, receiving the grace for our mission. The rising sun breaks out over the whole world, heralding God's daily action in our world and bringing to light the needs of humanity.

Watching Jesus on His Cross, we stand with Mary and ask her to obtain for us the graces from Jesus so that we may be received under His standard. Together with Jesus we ask the Father that we may travel the path of His Son, enfleshing the Jesuit Spirit in this land.